Information on the tasks and activities of the National Order of Judicial Officers of Hungary

The Order represents and defends the interests of bailiffs and bailiff substitutes and carry out the duties related to bailiff services as defined by the relevant legislation.

Pursuant to Section 250 (2) of the Vht. , the Order’s rights and duties shall, in particular, cover the following:

1. maintain the register of bailiffs, substitute bailiffs, assistant bailiffs, and assistant bailiffs authorized to serve process;

2. report to the minister on a monthly basis regarding the data contained in the bailiffs registers and on any changes therein;

3. continuously monitor compliance with the requirements for admission into its registers;

4. issue identification cards to bailiffs, bailiff substitutes and assistant bailiffs;

5. maintain the list of absentee bailiffs, and call upon substitutes to carry out their duties of substitution;

6. notify the minister without delay concerning circumstances surrounding the termination of a bailiff’s term in office;

7. * authorize the foundation of bailiffs’ offices, and the amendment of their deed of foundation and corporate data;

8. maintain a register on bailiffs’ offices;

9. before starting up bailiffs’ services, inspect the offices of bailiffs, their liability insurance policy, check their seal and the contracts for deposit and settlement accounts;

10. process complaints filed in connection with bailiffs, bailiff substitutes and assistant bailiffs;

11. verify the experience of bailiffs, bailiff substitutes and assistant bailiffs;

12. carry out the examination of assistant bailiffs for authorization to serve process;

13. initiate disciplinary actions and keep records of disciplinary decisions;

14. provide authentic, accurate and prompt information to the press, the radio or the television on cases falling under the jurisdiction of independent court bailiffs;

15. decision on the exclusion of bailiffs and for the appointment of their replacement, with the exception of the cases under court jurisdiction;

16. keep records on the enforcement procedures carried out by bailiffs;

17. operate the IT systems used for the publication of bailiffs’ notices by way of electronic means;

18. may operate auction halls;

19. operate and, optionally, develop the electronic auctions system, the electronic case management system and the regime of electronic service of process of enforcement documents;

20. operate and, optionally, develop the IT systems used for the allocation of cases of enforcement among the bailiffs and for the transmission of enforcement orders and other documents to the bailiffs;

21. publish tender notices for vacant bailiffs’ posts and execute the tender procedure;

22. make recommendations for the minister for defining service areas, and for consolidating existing service areas;

23. carry out case allocation procedures as provided for by law;

24. may carry out computer developments;

25. may provide services to bailiffs;

26. decision on the opening of proceedings relating to cases of conflict of interest;

27. decision on granting exemption from the obligation of confidentiality provided for in this Act;

28. maintain the register of electronic signatures of bailiffs;

29. gather and supply data on enforcement cases for statistical purposes;

30. maintain the register of bailiffs, substitute bailiffs and former bailiffs who can be involved in inspections;

31. check compliance with the regulations set out in Section 226/A;

32. draw up the Association’s code of ethics;

33. may issue mandatory directives to its members concerning, in particular, the layout and equipment of bailiffs’ offices;

34. supervise the activities of bailiffs, bailiff substitutes and assistant bailiffs, and in that context to audit the operations, administration and financial standing of bailiffs, to examine the use of the

bailiffs’ IT systems provided for by other legislation, and to participate in acts of enforcement procedures carried out by bailiffs;

35. perform the tasks of the information authority provided for in Article 14 of Regulation 655/2014/EU;

36. establish the grounds for suspension from office in the case of bailiffs, and the grounds for removal from the register in the case of substitute bailiffs and assistant bailiffs;

37. suspend the bailiff from office where the conditions under Point 36 apply.