Information on the general rules of Service of documents by an independent court bailiff

Service by independent judicial officer may take place if the addressee has a place of residence/stay or registered office, however the document proved undeliverable via the postal service provider. Only certain documents can be served by judicial officer (for example: statement of claim, substantive decision rendered in conclusion of the proceedings, resolution of the real estate supervisory authority etc.) the scope of which is governed by Government Decree 250/2004 (VIII. 27.) on the detailed procedural rules of enforcement service.

Service of judicial documents

Frequent case when the requesting party requests the service of judicial documents contained in Article 141 of Act CXXX of 2016 on the Code of Civil Procedure i.e. statement of claim or substantive decision rendered in conclusion of the proceedings, so it is necessary to know the following information about it.

A request for the service by bailiff shall be submitted on the standard form approved by Hungarian Association of Judicial Officers (hereinafter: Order) at the court hearing the case to which the failed service attempt pertains. The request can be submitted by mail or electronically. It is important to emphasize that, at the same time as submitting the request, the requesting party must also demonstrate to the court that the bailiff’s fee has been paid to the Association’s bank account. The request for service, as well as the document to be served, is sent to the Association through the IT system of the National Court Office, after which it is assigned to an independent court bailiff. The Association provides the court with information about the person of the bailiff performing the service.

The standard form

Fillable and downloadable version

Information about paying the service fee:

The service fee is 7500 HUF which can only be paid by bank transfer to the Association’s bank account number 10103173-09701100-02004000 at MBH Bank Nyrt.

In the communication column please indicate the court, the court case number, and the name of the addressee.

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