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The Hungarian Association of Judicial Officers carries out the tasks defined by law in connection with the distribution of enforcement cases between independent court bailiffs.
From 1 January 2017, enforcement cases are distributed electronically and automatically by the case distribution program operated by the Association.

Regarding case allocation, the Act LIII of 1994 on Judicial Enforcement defines both general and special rules.

As a general rule, the enforceable order (e.g. certificate of enforcement, enforcement clause issued by a court or notary public) and the ruling ordering the protective measure are assigned to the competent bailiff of jurisdiction by reference to the home or registered address of the judgment debtor.

Different from this are the cases when the enforceable order or the ruling ordering the protective measure shall be sent to the bailiff of jurisdiction by reference to the location of the judgment debtor's enforceable assets, which can take place if so requested by the judgment creditor or due to the fact that the judgment debtor's domicile or registered address is not known.

The amendment of the Vht. that entered into force on 16 July 2020 brought about a change in the distribution of enforcement cases of the enforcement order issued against the other debtors under joint and several liability, the lienor and the guarantor, on the basis of which, in the case of cases ordered after entry into force, even without the request of the judgment creditor in the case of jointly liable debtors, pledgees, guarantors, one bailiff will carry out the enforcement procedure. The legislative amendment also governed that after the protective measure is ordered, the enforcement order issued in carrying out the enforcement for satisfaction ordered in the interest of the performance of the claim to be secured shall be sent to the bailiff who is competent implementing the protective measure.

It is important to point out the regulations governing ongoing cases included in SZTFH decree No 6/2021 (X.29) on organization of judicial enforcement, i.e. if a new enforcement proceeding is initiated against a debtor, the new enforcement case will be given to the bailiff to whom the other pending enforcement case against the same debtor has already been assigned. It must be emphasized, however, that an ongoing case can only be taken into account in case of case allocation between bailiffs acting in the jurisdiction of the same district court.

The implementation of a specific act, the service of judicial documents by judicial officer, the enforcement of the bailiff's inquiry, the case initiated for the sale of pledged goods by the simplified enforcement procedure take place according to the rules of case allocation described above.

After the enforcement case has been assigned, the Association informs judgment creditor of the name, address and telephone number of the judicial officer acting in the case, furthermore, the search interface under the Case Search menu item on the website provides information on the identity of the judicial officers acting on enforcement cases assigned by the Association and about the enforcement case number.