Electronic Delivery System of Enforcement Documents

In the case of using the services of VIEKR, you have the opportunity to have electronic contact with the independent court bailiffs during the management of their cases under the jurisdiction of the independent court bailiffs.

Among the many advantages of electronic communication, one of the most important is fast and efficient administration. In the VIEKR, through the use of intelligent forms (understandable by both humans and computers), information about enforcement cases, the submission of electronic requests capable of triggering legal effects, and information about independent court enforcement actions and measures are significantly accelerated, and for a large number of those involved in enforcement cases, and it becomes machine-processable.

With the information on the pages of VIEKR, we hope to convince everyone of the System’s raison d’être and unquestionable advantages. If in the course of your work or other matters you often come into official contact with the members of the Hungarian Association of Judicial Officers, we are sure that you will soon request your registration and switch to electronic communication.


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