International activities

The international activities of the Hungarian Association of Judicial Officers

The international activities of the of the Hungarian Association of Judicial Officers (MBVK) take place within the framework of the international organization of court bailiffs, the Union Internationale des Huissiers de Justice (hereinafter: UIHJ) of which MBVK has been a member since 1996.

The Order also participates in the operational work of the UIHJ, as it delegates an auditor to the audit committee of the international organization, which member is elected by the general assembly of the international organization at the UIHJ congress.

The Hungarian Association of Judicial Officers has organized numerous professional, international conferences and colloquiums under the auspices of the UIHJ.

In addition to organizing the permanent council in 2004, the UIHJ-EuroDanube meetings (a group of European countries along the Danube within the organization of the UIHJ) in 2008 and 2010, and the European Education Day in 2011, the Hungarian Association of Judicial Officers has regularly received foreign delegations in recent years. The Order also received numerous delegations beyond the framework of the general assembly, enabling foreign colleagues to get to know the theoretical side of Hungarian judicial enforcement during their professional study trip, and also its practical aspects when visiting the offices of enforcement officers.

In addition to the professional events, the advisory activities of the Order must also be mentioned. In numerous cases, the Hungarian Association of Judicial Officers receives written requests to contribute to the codification process of a neighbouring country (e.g. the Czech Republic, Poland) by explaining its legal background and the practice of enforcement procedures.

At the request of the UIHJ, the Order regularly participated and participates as a partner in European projects that are financed by the European Commission (e.g. EJE project, EJS project, FAB III. project, EU Enforcement Atlas project).

The website of the FAB III project:

You can find more information about EU Enforcement Atlas procejt here:

Currently, the UIHJ has 103 member countries from all 5 continents of the world, and represents bailiffs on a global and European level, regardless of their status.

The official and working languages of the UIHJ are English and French. International Union
of Judicial Officers was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Paris. The UIHJ also plays an active role in social media, the organization is present on the LinkedIn and Facebook pages. The UIHJ regularly organizes online Webinars, during which a topic related to enforcement is covered, e.g. document service, certified report, etc.

Anyone can participate in these online seminars, and they can be viewed back. The training platform for the education of bailiffs and other legal professions started in July 2021.

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