Customer services for complaint handling resumes

We would like to inform you that Act I of 2021 on the protection against the coronavirus pandemic was repealed on 1 June 2022, and therefore the Customer services for complaint handling will start again from this date.

Complaints can be made about the activities of independent court bailiff, substitute independent court bailiff and assistant bailiff based on the SZTFH decree No 10/2021 (X.29) on the management of complaint cases submitted against the action of the independent court bailiff, the supervision of complaint cases and the registration of disciplinary proceedings

The complaint is a request, which is directed to abolish individual rights or interest, and its implementation does not belong in the competence of the court or of other autority.

The request is considered a complaint in particular if, according to its provisions, the person complained about does not comply with his obligation to inform the debtor, the person requesting enforcement, or other interested parties or their representatives (complainant), if his behavior towards the complainant is inappropriate, moreover, he cannot be reached during customer reception hours in person, by telephone or through an employee authorized to provide information.

The complaint can be submitted orally – on our complaint day – or in writing to the Hungarian Association of Judicial Officers- in writing as far as possible, in a letter submitted by post on the form established by the Association or by electronic mail sent to the office gate using the e-Papir service (

More information about this can be found on the Association’s website ( and in its reception area. The written complaint can also be handed over to the judicial officer or his employee, in which case the judicial officer will forward it to the Association.

Personal customer reception in complaint matters:

Place: Magyar Bírósági Végrehajtói Kar, 1146 Budapest, Hermina út 63. fszt. 1.

Time: on Wednesdays between 09:00 and 14:00

Postal address:

Magyar Bírósági Végrehajtói Kar, 1146 Budapest, Cházár A. u. 13.

mailing address: 1590 Budapest, Pf.: 247.

Contact information – Office Gate (Hivatali kapu)

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KRID: 349507779

Phone: 06-1/273-1595